You can help contribute to txtorcon by reporting bugs, sending success stories, by adding a feature or fixing a bug. Even asking that “silly” question helps me with documentation writing.

Contact Information

Discussing txtorcon is welcome in the following places:

  • IRC: #tor-dev on OFTC (please prefix lines with meejah: to get my attention, and be patient for replies).

  • email: preferably on the tor-dev list, or see for other ways to contact me.

  • bugs: use txtorcon’s issues tracker on GitHub.

  • @txtorcon on Twitter (announcements only)

Public Key

You can download my key from a keyserver (0xC2602803128069A7) or see meejah.asc in the repository. The fingerprint is 9D5A 2BD5 688E CB88 9DEB CD3F C260 2803 1280 69A7.

Also available at For convenience: curl | gpg --import

Pull Requests

Yes, please!

If you have a new feature or a bug fix, the very best way is to submit a pull-request on GitHub. Since we have 100% coverage, all new lines of code should at least be covered by unit-tests. You can also include a note about the change in docs/releases.rst if you like (or I can make one up after the merge).

I prefer if you rebase/squash commits into logical chunks. Discussion of any implementation details can simply occur on the pull-request itself. Force-pushing to the same branch/PR is fine by me if you want to re-order commits etcetera (but, it’s also fine if you just want to push new “fix issues” commits instead).

Some example pull-requests:

  • good discussion + more commits: PR #150;

  • a simple one that was “ready-to-go”: PR #51.

If you want an easy thing to start with, here are all issues tagged “easy”

Making a Release

Mostly a note-to-self, but here is my release checklist.